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Finding a ‘Replacement Dad’ For Your Kids? 3 Things to Consider

As a single mom, it can be scary to think about dating or getting remarried.  What if things don’t work out again?  What if my kids get hurt again? For me, the question about dating came up after I’d been a widow for about a year.

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Why My Son Isn’t the Man of the House

Man of the House, What not to say to grieving child

An older gentleman, a friend of the family, leaned down and patted my ten-year-old son on the shoulder.  ‘It’s up to you to take care of your mother now,’ he said. My son and I looked at each other- I shook my head slightly and gave him a little smile.

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5 Reasons to Hug A Single Mom Today

help for single moms

Yesterday, as I watered my flowers, I looked at my pecan tree and thought about wrapping my arms around it, squeezing it tightly, and giving it a huge bear hug. Knowing that might look strange to my neighbors, I did not give in to that urge. 

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25 ‘Screen-Free’ Summer Activities for Your Only Child

Summer is here, and for parents like me, that means facing the constant challenge of keeping their only child from spending every spare moment on his device, playing a video game, or watching other people play video games.

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Why Introverts Make Awesome Moms

introverted parenting, single moms, awesome moms

My son and I spend a lot of time riding in the car.  Both of us, introverts to the core, can literally ride an entire 70 mile trip to work without saying two words to each other. I’ve been having some mom-guilt feelings about this because, ideally, I

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How To Be a Wonder Woman (to your kids)

  After my husband died, one of my best friends gave me a pair of Wonder Woman pajama pants.  They were meant to be symbolic: it was time  to put on my Wonder Woman pants and get the job done.  

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Helping Children Deal With Grief

How Making a Memory Book Helped Us Heal

How to Make a Memory Book

Shortly after my husband passed away, I could tell that our son was using distraction to cope with his grief.  If he saw me crying or felt sadness at a memory of his dad, he immediately would turn his attention to

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7 Reasons Why Grandma Should Spoil Your Kids

grandmas should spoil children

“Hi’dy, Hi’dy!”  she’d call out as she came through the front door.  We kids knew what that signal meant:  Grandma was visiting!  And we all came running to see what goodies she brought: Kudos, candy bars, Cheetos, or better yet, homemade cakes and cookies.

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