Are you raising an amazing kid, under not-so-amazing circumstances?  Are you working hard to hold everything together, while at the same time, trying to let go?

If so, you are not alone.  This site is dedicated to us, the supermoms.  The single moms.

Hi.  I’m Mia, and I will freely admit that I don’t have everything figured out when it comes to parenting in my particular situation..  but I’m learning so much as I go.  

Here is a peek into my history, and why I decided to start this website.  

I was married for fourteen years to a man who was my best friend.  But several years into our marriage his issues with depression and addictions increased (one because of the other) until eventually he took his own life.  

As devastating as this was, I worried most about our son, then just ten years old.   I really wanted to be able to help him in his grieving process so that, even though we’ve been through this tragedy, he can grow up to be a healthy and happy adult.  

I’ve found that it helps me a lot, emotionally and mentally, to stay busy and help others.  That’s one of the reasons I’m an unofficial ‘big sister’  to two amazing teenage girls.  And that’s why I decided to start this site – to share resources I’ve found that help cope with grief and the challenges we face in parenting as single moms.  

Me today: 

I’m a widow and a working single mom.  I’m an introvert through and through.   Maybe you can sympathize with one or all of those situations.  Or maybe, you are dealing with a completely different set of not-so-amazing circumstances.  

If you, despite everything, are determined to do a great job parenting your children, then you are a mom like me, and this site is for you.  

My mission:

To do an amazing job raising my son.  To help him cope with his loss, and heal with love, and guide him to become a healthy, happy adult.  To continue learning how to cope with anything that comes.  And to share the things I’m learning on this journey with you…

Please join the community of Wonder Women  on Facebook.  Plus, check out the resources page for some excellent books and websites I’ve found that can provide helpful guidance for moms like us.