Confidence and Grief: How One Affects the Other

After a break-up, have you ever been stuck, grieving the loss of the relationship, not able to move on? On my commute to work last week, I listened to a radio talk show.  The person being interviewed was Matthew Hussey, author of  Get The Guy.  The discussion was about core confidence, and how it affects our relationships. That got me thinking …

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Learning skills to cope with anxiety that comes with #grief.Explore, Survive

Grief and Anxiety: Learning Skills to Cope

Losing someone we love, either in death, or because of a broken relationship, is one of the most stressful situations we face in our lives.  (A huge understatement, I know!)  But if we, as grievers, can learn how to effectively manage our stress, we can heal a little more everyday.

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My wishes for my son: to be a happy adult one day.Heal

My Wishes For My Son

Every mom has dreams and goals for her children.  Whatever those dreams center on, whether it’s education, success, or family, it really boils down to the same thing: we want our kids to grow up to be happy adults. Sometimes, in this crazy, mixed-up, trouble-filled world, that dream is easier said than accomplished.

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