Lava Juice and Dino Eggs for a Dinosaur Themed Party

What little boy doesn’t love dinosaurs?  From the time he was three, my son couldn’t get enough of the huge reptilian beasts.

So, naturally, when I threw a backyard party for him and his friends, it had to be crawling with dinosaurs!

Doesn’t he look super excited for his Dinosaur Party?

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I got a little creative trying to tie the dino theme into every snack and drink, but it turned out really well and was a party he and his friends talked about for a long, long time.

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Lava Juice:

I didn’t invent the recipe for the punch.  I knew I wanted red punch, to look like boiling lava, and I wanted foamy sherbet on the top.  Here is the link to the punch we used, and everyone absolutely loved it!  All I did was rename it ‘Lava Juice’, and voila!  Because everyone knows volcanoes were erupting during prehistoric times, right?

Link to Red Fruit Punch (with sherbet) Recipe:   Fruit Punch

Lava Juice: aka, red fruit punch for a dino themed party
Red Fruit Punch Became Lava Juice

Dinosaur Eggs, Freshly Hatched


We took a boring, ordinary party snack, deviled eggs, and turned them into freshly hatched dinosaur eggs (just by adding some green food coloring to the mix.)


Dino eggs, freshly hatched.
Dino Eggs

Here is  a link to a delicious deviled egg recipe (with bacon!) that everyone will love.  Just add green food coloring until it is the color that you want.

Bacon deviled Eggs

I stretched the dino theme a little more and had ‘Trees and Swamp Dip’ for all those herbivores (broccoli and ranch dip with green food coloring) and ‘Stegosaurus’ Bony Plates’, which were Nacho Cheese Doritos, of course.

Dino themed party

Get your free, printable dinosaur invitations here:

Invitation: Outside Cover

Invitation: Inside

Free Printable Dinosaur Invitations
Invitation: Outside Cover
Free Printable Dinosaur Invitations
Invitation: Inside


I was definitely on a budget when it came to this party, so being creative was necessary to pull it off.

Here are some inexpensive party favors and decorations for your son’s (or daughter’s) very own dinosaur themed party:


Dino Themed Party Plates:


Cheap Dinosaur Party Favors:

If you throw your own dino party, let me know how it goes!

Lava juice and dinosaur eggs, plus free dinosaur party invitations


  1. This is adorable! I don’t have any kids but I’m somewhat of an adult child so I could totally see a dino party happening with my friends! Lol! Thanks for the great ideas. 🙂

    1. A grown up party with a dinosaur theme sounds like a lot of fun for some ‘young at heart’ adults! Lol. Thanks for reading.

  2. Super cute party! The lava juice looks terrific! I might have to think of a new name for a fire truck themed party and use it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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